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Thatch Maintenance
Thatchers re-thatching a roof
During the re-thatching process
After re-thatching a roof
After re-thatching a roof

Re-Thatching work is certainly the most stressful work that both the thatch owner and thatcher will experience.

A large thatched house may be worth millions of pounds/euros and during water reed re-thatching the whole roof will be stripped to the roof timbers. This is another reason why your thatcher should carry full public and employees liability insurance.

The Process

The process of re-thatching is not completely random and without thought - the roof is viewed by us as a jigsaw puzzle and to minimise work and mess, careful consideration has to be given as to where to start and how much to strip before the new thatch is put in to replace the old.

During re-thatching work fire felt or boards and insulation can also be fitted, the chimneys re-pointed and if necessary re-painted. It must be said that the work is messy, old and new thatch will cover the ground before it can be moved.

Poor weather is the thatchers greatest enemy during re-thatching and careful sheeting up of the roof is a skill in itself.