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Master Thatchers

Experienced in commercial, domestic, conservation and historical thatching
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What we do

Our thatching services
New build thatched property
New build thatching

Thatching new roofs is the future of thatching and over the years we have been pleased to work for regional and national builders in Lincolnshire, Humberside, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and in addition on many one off new builds across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and The Isle Of Man. We also helped thatch three showhouses at The Ideal Home Exhibition show in London in the 1980's and 1990'.

We acknowledge that a few architects and builders will have come across the requirements for new build thatch and we are more than happy to help in regards this.
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Re-ridging of a thatched roof
Re-ridging & repairs

We have ridged with straw, reed, sedge, concrete, turfs, heather and tiles and can offer you quotes for highly decorative ridges or simpler ones.

We believe in involving the thatch owner as to what style and cut the ridge should be and don't just do the same one on each property. Repairs can also be carried out when the roof is re-ridged or these can be done on a separate visit. We will always discuss timescales of repairs, re ridging and rethatching to avoid unnecessary expense in duplicating work.
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Gazebo with a thatched roof
Summerhouses & gazebos

Not all our projects are on larger roofs. Over the years we have thatched, summerhouses, gazebos, dovecotes , well tops, garden sheds and offices, pools side canopies and barbecue roofs.

We can forward you examples. Also you may have a roof with thatch tiles which we can replace.
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Thatched property
Thatch surveys & reports

Increasingly Insurance Companies are asking for 5 yearly thatch roof inspections that we can do for you.

You may also want to contact us for our list of specialist Thatch Insurance Companies.
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Thatchers re-thatching roof

This is a big undertaking for any thatch owner and we will talk you through how it works so that you can stay in your property with the minimum of disruption.

We organise everything from start to finish including getting rid of the old thatch, scaffolding and any necessary permits should the scaffolding have to go on a road.
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Moss on a thatched roof
Moss removal

We are able to treat moss by first physically removing it and then spraying the surface of the thatch with an anti moss solution.

Please contact us for our free guide to the factors to consider in treating moss on thatch..
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Thatchers installing fire barriers on thatched roof
Fire barriers

Why and when should you install fire barriers? Are they necessary and what are they? Is the fire barrier I have sufficient?

Please get in touch for more information.
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