Very Thick Thatch

Thatch too thick


There are several clues as to why the straw thatch on this roof is in my opinion too thick.  Take a look at the angle of the ridge by the left hand chimney which is very flat;  this is because the thatch below the ridge is so thick and consists of several layers. The result is there is very little height available to pitch the ridge up more steeply without the top of the ridge ending up even higher against the chimneys – especially the shorter right hand one..  A flat pitched ridge will wear much quicker than a steep ridge because it will take longer for the water to run off it.

Also the windows are so shrouded in thatch and it will mean daylight getting into the upstairs will be much reduced.  Finally the windows do not give any shape to the bottom third of the roof which they should do if the thatch was thinner.