Thatching in Scotland

Thatching in Scotland has always had great significance for me as it was here I undertook my first job as a self employed thatcher 25 years ago at Helensburgh near Rhu. The below before and after pictures show part of the repairs that I carried out on the garage of this imposing house.

Thatching in ScotlandThatching in Scotland

Thatched roof in ScotlandThatched roof in Scotland

Other notable thatching milestones have been working on some of the biggest thatched roofs to be found anywhere in the UK – which also happen to be in Scotland. This picture shows a roof we thatched in Edinburgh in 1990 which with the garage totalled over 10,000sq’ft of roof.

Thatched roof near Loch LomondCompletion of a thatched roof near Loch Lomond

The most complicated roof we ever undertook was near Loch Lomond and these pictures show work under way and on completion. The weather was appalling with rain nearly every day which added to the logistical problems.

Thatched cottage in Scotland

Another feature of our work in Scotland has been fitting turf and concrete ridges. We fitted a turf ridge to a cottage at the Borders and also at Lochearnhead as this photo shows.

Thatched property at Hellensburgh in Scotland

The roof at Hellensburgh and also one we did just South of Glasgow – were fitted with concrete ridges and we have never been asked to do these anywhere else in the UK. By far the most enjoying ….part of our work in Scotland has been working in places with fantastic views – the Loch Tay Crannog is featured on our unusual projects page and on visits to Skye, South & North Uist, Oban and Lewis we have carried out thatching which reflects the local traditional Scottish style.

Thatching in Scotland

The Blackhouses we thatched on Lewis are …….. Scottish and provide an insight in to how tough a life crofting was in the latter half of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century.

The Blackhouses we thatched on Lewis