Thatch Roof Shape

P1020209 (1280x960)


With an often quoted figure of 24,000 listed thatch buildings in the UK many of which  are 2-300 years old it is hardly surprising that some will not be straight and level and may have been altered or added to.

Here are two examples of older properties; in the first photograph the rear wall is probably 0.5 of a metre out of a true line over 10 metres.  Although this is hard to see in a photo if you look at where the black paint meets the white paint and follow this as far as the wall facing the camera it will give you an idea.  This means when we re-coated this roof we had to be careful to maintain a level finish across the roof.


The second photograph shows an eave line which the client wanted to look straight even though the roof timbers  dropped about 30cm from the left to the right.  In order to try and achieve a straighter more horizontal eave the thatch at the left hangs down about 20 cm and the eave at the right was level with the kick board or tilting fillet.  The tell tale sign of this is the rafter feet are visible to the right but not the left.