Thatch Insurance Discounts

I had a couple of clients in the last month who were unsure of the situation regarding the installation of fire preventive products and if this would lower their Insurance premiums on their Thatch Insurance?

Whilst I cannot speak for all Insurance Companies the NFU Mutual will offer a discount if the following products are installed.

  • Thatch Firewall membrane
  • Thatch batts
  • Thatch fireboard
  • A thatch chimney alert system
  • And all items and thatched sprayed with a fire retardant spray.

We can install or arrange to have all these products installed for you and they are available from Please be aware that there are other products on the market which have not been rigorously tested – always ask for a full test report!

Here is a piece I found on the internet which re- enforces the above:

How can I lower the cost of home insurance for my Thatched Home?

An insurance company is highly likely to undertake an inspection of a thatched home prior to agreeing to cover the property. The insurer is likely to check that you have fire prevention and safety measures in place for the protection of your home.

The cause of over 90% of fires in thatched properties is a fault in the flue or chimney. Therefore, check that you have your chimney swept frequently, at least twice a year.

Should you have a wood burning stove in your home, you may find it all the more difficult to obtain cover at a reasonable cost due to the increased risk of fire. The insurance company is highly likely to insist upon adequate lining for the chimney.

Smoke detectors need to be placed around your home and in the roof space. If you do not have a smoke alarm, a fire can smoulder for many hours in a thatched roof prior to discovery.

Moreover, it is highly advisable to separate the roof void from the thatched roof with a fire resistant barrier and to use a fire retardant coating to spray the thatch.

As faulty wires and connections can cause fires, it is highly advisable to check electrical wiring regularly.

Most insurance companies insist on specific safety measures as one of the conditions for buildings insurance cover. You could perhaps receive a discount on your premium if you have approved safety devices installed.

It is vital to shop around for your thatched roof home cover as no two policies are identical.