That was nearly a Thatch Fire!

When we stripped the thatch on this roof in Bedfordshire the chimney was found to be badly decayed and it was just as well that the chimney was not used by the present occupiers. We will record this for the owners and repair the chimney before the new coat of thatch is put over the base coat of thatch.

Unfortunately there will be other chimneys in this condition on other roofs which will remain hidden by layers of thatch which many Thatchers will not strip back; when new owners move in and install real fires the consequences are often catastrophic.  We believe Thatchers have a duty to play more of a role in uncovering these ‘horror stories’ and Insurance Companies should  utilise the unique role that Thatchers have and ask for photographic evidence that all the chimney is in good order and not just the visible part above the thatch line.