Thatching Materials – Long Straw

Re-ridging Dilemmas for Thatched Roof Owners

All UK thatch owners have to reconcile themselves with the fact that every 10 -15 years they will need to spend money on a new ridge. For those that have had a complete new thatch previously and have witnessed the steady deterioration of their roof, this is a day they […]

Long Straw Thatching

Long straw thatching is a style of straw thatching which gives a shaggy surface appearance and is very common in the Midlands and East Anglia. It requires more preparation on the ground where the Thatcher has first to make the straw into bundles called yealms.  Unlike water reed thatching or […]


  This Long straw roof in Norfolk was stripped back to reveal a mass of nails and spikes driven into the old rafters. As part of the maintenance and re-thatching project, we removed all the battens and nails and covered the roof with Fireboards which, in addition to providing a […]

Thatch Fire

Factors to Consider Much has been written about thatch fires, the causes of fires in thatch and what measures you should take to try and prevent this happening. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your property has a thatch fire where part or the entire roof is lost, consideration […]