Thatching in Wales

What is a Master Thatcher?

The term “Master Thatcher” is much used in the thatching world. My Company – Master Thatchers (North) Ltd. is but one example, but what does the term mean or convey to people? The chambers dictionary definition is a “Master” is one who is “eminently skilled in anything”. The definition of […]

Master Thatchers

About Us

Master Thatchers (North) Ltd. Master Thatchers (North) Ltd (MTN) was established in 1985 by Peter Brugge as part of the franchise organisation then run by Thatching Advisory Services Ltd. (TAS). Peter had started in the thatching industry three years previously after graduating from Warwick University with an honours degree. Peter […]

Appleby Thatched Cottage

Latest News

My aim with this blog is to be informative about what we at Master Thatchers (North) Ltd are doing and deliver the latest news from our jobs across the UK and Ireland and sometimes further afield. It will also keep people up to date with the latest news from the […]