Fire retardants

Thatch Insurance Discounts

I had a couple of clients in the last month who were unsure of the situation regarding the installation of fire preventive products and if this would lower their Insurance premiums on their Thatch Insurance? Whilst I cannot speak for all Insurance Companies the NFU Mutual will offer a discount […]

Thatching Information

Please use our Contact page to request thatching information on: Insurance Companies that Insure thatch in the UK Insurance Companies that insure thatch in Ireland Information on Fire Retardants Information on moss and thatch Information on types of ridge construction with thatch Information on types of gable finishes with thatch […]

Thatch Fire

Factors to Consider Much has been written about thatch fires, the causes of fires in thatch and what measures you should take to try and prevent this happening. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your property has a thatch fire where part or the entire roof is lost, consideration […]

Thatching in Northern Ireland

Our Northern Ireland office is 5 Pines Park, Lurgan , Craigavon BT66 7BP Tel 0845 500 1986 We have been thatching in Northern Ireland since 1994. Our team covers both Northern and Southern Ireland. Around 50% of our work in Northern Ireland is new build, but we also work on […]