Straw Waste

Have you ever wondered what sort of weight of thatch is on a roof, especially a straw roof with several layers or coats of old thatch?

The roof we are working on near Milton Keynes surprised even me when I found out from the weigh bridge ticket at the waste disposal site that we had removed 1300 kgs of DRY thatch from just the front elevation alone; this is a cottage with a front slope area of only 45 sq metres. I dread to think what the weight would have been if the thatch had been wet and rotten or if we had allowed it to get rained on.  It took Mr ‘W’ about an hour with a pitch fork to unload it from the trailer and empty the large bags wedged in the back of the van…

The remaining thatch was still a good 2-3 feet thick.  Sometimes stripping this much is essential to get some shape and pitch back into the roof.

Its dirty dusty work and cleaning up afterwards is a seemingly never ending job, especially when a brisk wind is taking the stuff half way down the street and over the next door neighbour’s adjoining thatched roof, making it a real painstaking job to hand pick it out of their wire netting!

Below is a picture of the nearly completed roof showing that it’s worth all the effort.