November 5th – Bonfire Night and Thatched Roofs

It’s the time of year when Thatch owners become a little nervous as fireworks and smoking embers from bonfires light up the skies over the UK.

The reality is that most Thatch roof fires occur as a result of heat transference through chimneys and the very rare spark from a chimney landing on a dry thatch surface.

At this time of year the UK weather with be on the side of the thatch owner and generally roof surfaces will be damp and so even the odd stray firework landing on thatch should not cause a problem.

Thatch roofs repel water because they are so tightly packed and likewise the tighter the thatch is compacted the less risk there is of a fire taking hold.  To use an analogy if you were to try lighting the pages of a thick book when the book is firmly closed it would not be easy. If the same was done with the book held at the spine with the pages separated and open it would be relatively easy.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of damage to their thatch roofs as a result of the festivities around bonfire night.