Once a Master Thatcher…..

… Always a Master Thatcher

This summer Simon Morley (AKA Jim) completed his 18th year of employment with us.  This now means Jim has spent exactly half his life to date thatching with the Company.

Whist this may not be unusual in itself, Jim was involved in a serious motor bike accident 9 years ago which put him out of action for 3 months and it was touch and go whether his recovery would be good enough to allow him to continue in what is an arduous job and where the knees and back in particular take a lot of wear and tear.

Simon’s other name of Jim was chosen by me because when he started with us I also employed another Simon and having two was one too many…

Only another 29 years to go Jim – before you collect your pension – maybe longer if talk of raising the retirement age comes to fruition; hopefully well before that time the gulf that clearly exists between the rigours of a lifetime of manual work and non manual work will be recognised and acted upon.