Thatch Insurance in Ireland

The Leinster Leader newspaper in Ireland carried a story on 29th January 2013 about a thatched cottage at Blackditch, Gurney which had suffered a thatch roof fire.

The roof has been destroyed but the walls of the small cottage remain and a committee has been formed to restore the cottage because the paper says “by its nature the thatch cottage was not possible to Insure”.  It is extraordinary that such a phrase can be used in relation to thatched properties and gives the worrying impression that this is the way things are and will remain.

I have come across many Thatch Owners in Ireland who do not Insure their thatched properties due mainly to the prohibitive cost and lack of specialist Insurance Companies willing to take on thatched properties.

The article does not say what the cause of the fire was, but surely it is never worth taking the risk and not having Insurance; it is also imperative that Irish Insurance Companies specify to Thatch Owners what realistic special measures they would like to see incorporated to make premiums more affordable and why individual properties may attract such high premiums.  This is now becoming more the norm in the UK.

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