Eave Overhangs

Eave OverhangThe Thatch overhang at the eaves on this property is probably over a metre wide and shows how the decisions a Thatcher takes when re-thatching a roof will determine the finished look.

It is the case that some conservation officers like to see the different layers of thatch on listed buildings, but a line has to be drawn when the original roof shape is lost and there is no logical reason to have such a large overhang.

At least 4 layers of thatch are visible and rather than stripping some of the thatch back the last Thatcher considered it would be a less time consuming job if he just added another layer.  He would not have to spend time removing the thatch, spend time gathering it up and spend money taking it somewhere and disposing of it – although his price may have been the same as another Thatcher who HAD planned to do all these things.  To therefore say all Thatchers offer the same specification is not the case and has never been so.