Thatching Materials

Stripping Thatch on a Lincolnshire Roof

      Here are some pictures of us stripping a roof in Lincolnshire where previous Thatchers had put successive coats of thatch on to the layers below creating quite a thickness.   We stripped all the thatch and fitted fire felt membrane over the rafters and a new 12-14” […]

Long Straw Thatching

Long straw thatching is a style of straw thatching which gives a shaggy surface appearance and is very common in the Midlands and East Anglia. It requires more preparation on the ground where the Thatcher has first to make the straw into bundles called yealms.  Unlike water reed thatching or […]

Ridge Life Misconceptions and Advice

I increasingly hear from thatch owners who have been misled about the lifespan of their thatch and the maintenance required within that lifespan. Back in the 1980s, there was a building company who sold their new thatched houses and told the purchasers the roofs would  last  40-50 years;  what they […]