10 Questions that all who are concerned about Thatch roofs & Thatching should be addressing

Are enough young people coming into the trade and staying? Is enough being done to encourage new build thatch? Is there too much emphasis on listed and historical thatch? Should more be done to alert thatch owners to the problem of chimney related fires and what role should Thatchers play […]

Re-ridging Dilemmas for Thatched Roof Owners

All UK thatch owners have to reconcile themselves with the fact that every 10 -15 years they will need to spend money on a new ridge. For those that have had a complete new thatch previously and have witnessed the steady deterioration of their roof, this is a day they […]

Five common mistakes

Five common mistakes that some thatch owners make: 1. Installing a wood burner without first checking your chimney. Wood burners have found to be a common cause of devastating thatch roof fires. They generate tremendous heat which can pass through the thin walls of a chimney and can ignite tinder […]