Buying Thatch

When it comes to “Buying Thatch” and getting a survey done on the house, most surveyors will admit they are not qualified to give an assessment of the condition of a thatched roof. And it’s not only they who get confused about what is good and bad about a thatched roof, work done on it and maintenance.

So here’s a checklist of dos and donts when it comes to buying thatch.

Do get a written survey from a thatcher.

Do ensure that the survey gives prices at today’s prices for what work will be needed even if it’s not for 10 years from now.

Do have a good look at the roof yourself – if something looks untidy question why this is.

Do ask the thatch owner for the details of the last thatcher to work on the roof.

Don’t put an offer in on a property unless first at the least you have spoken to a thatc  her about the condition of a thatched roof and preferably after you have had a survey carried out.

Don’t take it for granted that what the thatch owner says about what work has been done on the roof is entirely accurate – some thatch owners get confused between re-ridging work and repairs and re-thatching.