Bali Thatch

Here is a newly re-thatched Balinese roof.  The thatching materials in Indonesia are either Kunai or Blady grass and these are commonly known as Alang, Alang; they are harvested mainly in Bali or Lombok.

The roofs will last about 15 years and the thatch is stitched or tied on.  On a full hipped roof the thatch is laid straight down each side and then the hip areas have an additional ‘roll’ of thatch which runs  down each  hip.

The roofs are very common around hotel swimming pools, on beaches and the thatch is also put on more substantial buildings.  They are used primarily for shade but they also have to be strong enough to withstand the raining season.

This roof would have taken about 5 days to renew and the bamboo on the surface of the thatch is put in place to give more strength to the thatch in windy or exposed areas.