10 Reasons to Choose Master Thatchers

  1. Care and Attention:

    We take pride in our care and attention to detail on all our thatching projects and believe that we are only as good as our last job.  We have never done the perfect job and believe there is always room for improvement.

  2. Project Capacity:

    Our larger than average size means we can tackle the biggest projects without having to ask for outside thatching help. This does not mean we are not interested in smaller jobs and repairs – a significant number of the 106 thatched properties we worked on in 2011 were just this type of work.

  3. Quality Materials:

    We strive to look for quality materials from a variety of sources including from outside the UK; on average we will use over 160 tons of water reed over a 12 month period and so our suppliers know what we are looking for and will work closely with us; often we try to buy materials near to where we are working to save on transport costs.

  4. Track Record:

    We have a 27 year proven track record as a business, which is longer than a lot of thatchers have been thatching.

  5. Sound Advice:

    We believe that if thatching is to flourish the customer must be well informed to make the right decision – often a re-thatch can be put off for a few more years – we will work with you and not just try to get your business for a short term gain.  All quotations for thatch owners are free.

  6. Commited Craftsmen.

    Whilst we are not against the idea of sub-contractors all our thatchers are full time employees which means it is easier to ensure that our tried and tested procedures are being followed which in turn should guarantee quality workmanship.

  7. 24hr Office:

    We have a fully staffed office where you can speak to somebody during the day  and  you can rest assured that  your enquiries  whether they be via e-mail, fax or telephone will be dealt with promptly.

  8. Durable and Attractive:

    We believe that a balance has to be made between a thatch roof both looking good but also lasting as long as possible and with a lot of protected and historical thatched buildings this is not always a straight forward task.

  9. Follow Local Traditional Styles:

    We also believe that regional thatching styles found throughout the UK and Ireland  are important and we are able to replicate any of these.

  10. Traditional/Modern Architectural Projects:

    Finally as our site shows we will often be working on some of the 24,000 listed thatched properties in the UK, but this does not mean we are not interested in new build and one off ultra modern projects.  For the latter we are able to advise on the latest fire barriers and insulation issues.