Peter Brugge

Top Ten Thatching Hints

Our top 10 Hints and tips if you are designing or building a roof which will be thatched. There is plenty of information on the web about Thatch and thatch roofs but it is surprising how often, with a little more thought a thatched property can be made to look […]

Traditional Thatching

Traditional or Otherwise? Is it me or does there seem to be a widespread use of largely meaningless language on thatching websites. A cursory look at some sites promise that “only the highest quality locally sourced materials” will be used; another that the thatching will be done with the “finest […]

Thatched Ridges UK

Thatched ridges on roofs in the UK and Ireland are almost universally made of straw reed or sedge; very occasionally turfs, heather and marram grass are also used.  There are also some ridges which are concrete and we have sometimes fitted this type to roofs in Scotland. In contrast most […]